Sunday, March 6, 2011

Marigot Bay Hotel

Located on the beautiful west coast of the amazing Caribbean island of Saint Lucia,Marigot Bay Hotel offers to its guests an private and lavish atmosphere. Fashionable and classy with a remarkable luxury feel,it is the eco-friendly,providing natural garden environment elevating the charm of a bay depicted as “the most beautiful in the Caribbean” by the novelist James A Michener.

This modern offers wide variety of amenitites, including the Lapli Spa, fitness centre, shopping, bars and restaurants for your perfect vacation. Marigot Bay has provided a safe haven for yachts over the centuries and marina docks at Marigot Bay Hotel is available for visiting luxury sailing and motor yachts.

The rooms are spacious,lavish, trendily designed with great amenities,state of the art appliances, well appointed furnishings and chic Asian inspired interior design.

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