Thursday, March 10, 2011

La Banane

la banane : the name is that of the first cabaret revue created by Jean-Marie Riviere-the hotel founder.He also gave life to the Paradis Latin and the Alcazar in Paris.Jean-Marie Riviere was a personality in the world of the French music-hall, an emblem of showbiz.At ‘la banane’ he welcomed celebrities and anonymous friends.At the time, dancers did the splits among the palm trees !

The hotel provides two types of bungalow: ‘extra’ or ‘deluxe’.

Bungalow Extra is in the middle of the coconut grove, each one with privy terrace,own bathroom opened a personal patio.

Bungalow Deluxe is in front of the pool or in the heart of the coconut grove, the 4 deluxe bungalows offer a private covered terrace with outdoor lounge. Between approxiamately 35 to 40m each ‘deluxe’ bungalow enjoys bathrooms that open onto a private tropical garden or patio.

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